The time has come to finally get my thoughts out there.

I decided today that I really need a venue.
A venue that I can stick to, that I can put up my ideas and interests and oh, just record the fleeting passions that course through my head.

I decided to call it a treehouse. It’s somewhere I can climb up to, be safe in, and talk about whatever I want. I can pull up the ladder, or invite my friends over.
But best of all, they can come by when they want to, see what I’ve been up to lately, we can catch up if we like, or they can chill too.


I have been fighting the guilt of not recording my daughters’ momentous leaps from baby to toddlerhood, not posting pictures for far-flung relations and friends, and I may get around to doing some of that, too, but what I most need is somewhere for me: just to expound on whatever strikes me. So be on the lookout for excessive use of commas, a preponderance of odd language and the odd decent into saccharine.
I mean, how else can I express how much I adore my girls? That’s part of me. But there’s a lot of other stuff to say, too.

I have sweated over privacy issues, after all, that’s what I do, but I’ve come to the conclusion that if I want to share with folks, I can do so without invading the privacy of my darlings or my workplace.

I’ll just leave it at that. If you were invited here, you know who I am. If you stumbled upon me, well, I hope you enjoy what you read, and don’t find a way to hurt me with it. Sometimes, you just gotta trust, ya know?


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