Could it really get any better?

Oh how I love you, Oh, how, I love you. This is a chant I learned in May and it still resonates with me. This really is the best time of my life. Sure, there are challenges, but in all, In many ways I can’t imagine a better time.
Specifically, I adore my daughters. They are fabulous little creatures – rapidly becoming bigger.

They amaze me daily.

Lately it has occurred to me that, difficult as it is, sometimes, having two toddlers with very different needs, this is probably as easy as it gets. When they go to bed at night – that’s it. (And,bless them, they do go to sleep rather well-it’s staying asleep they need to work on) After they’re out for the night, I know now I have done my best. They are healthy, clean, fed, exercised and asleep. I’ve done all I can do for them right now. I have a respite until tomorrow, when another onslaught of trying to communicate, co-operate and establish basic social skills and hygiene will begin again. But now every evening I have a breather, a moment to regroup and reflect, and sometimes even glory in the wonder of those kids.

In not so very long, not only will the fighting over bedtime begin, but there will be so many options, so many opportunities, that I won’t be able to maintain any semblance of confidence. In any free moments I may have, I will be constantly second-guessing myself. Should I have started soccer earlier? Should they be in full immersion French? Have I missed the boat on gymnastics? Should I arrange more playdates? Have I ruined their lives by not buying those expensive runners? Wasn’t I supposed to sign them up for cubs this year? Should they have started music? What about the things all the other kids have or are doing? Are they getting enough, well, everything?

Thank God we have time to learn a little bit at a time, and kids don’t turn into full-blown Pre-pubescents right away. Sure, they’re up to some new trick every day, but they haven’t learned all of them at once, so I can learn along with them. It is my saving grace that as my kids grow, I’m growing a little as a parent, too.


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