Nothing to complain about here

The girls are changing really fast right now. A few months ago, I wouldn’t have dreamt of taking J anywhere in public that involved sitting. She was, in my friend Sunshine’s best turn of phrase, a handful. Now, she can manage for a while, and Sunshine’s son is taking his turn running his mom ragged. J is now reasonably co-operative, and only struck by the urge to hit and laugh demoniacally once in a while. She is delighting me with comparing and contrasting, making things up and checking out what is real. Her idea of a joke: I want to eat. What do you want to eat, J? UMMM, Medecine. Really….no, no you don’t, you’re fooling. HAHAHA!

Meanwhile, A is more willful than before, and she actually objects to the world not going her way- from which direction she wants to walk, to being put down at bedtime. She bellows astoundingly loudly. But then, it’s over, and her former adorable spirit shines through. She is NOT a handful, just a rather, um, determined child at times. The rest of the time – well, she actually listens, co-operates, and gives many, many kisses. She still pulls up the blanket and goes to sleep pretty much instantaneously most times, grateful to be in her bed. Cutey!


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