The saga continues

After completely tearing down to the studs, and rebuilding most of the walls and ceiling to make it a) supportive and b) reasonably flat, our living room and halls have two coats of primer and two coats of ceiling paint throughout. BH and I accomplished this feat earlier this week. There had been an awful scene over the paint – I had chosen the brand and colour, based on recommendations from friends and professionals, not realizing the brand had gone to low emission paint – that is, not stinky. BH had heard what a problem low emission paint was to apply – it dries so fast that cutting in to edges and other places where paint meets paint posed real problems. He had warned me not to buy low emission paint. But I didn’t read the label. There was a sign in the store advertising low emission, but I thought that was just another type of paint available, not all of the line I was buying! BH was furious. I just couldn’t get him past it, but he was somewhat mollified when the primer turned out OK.

And then, when we finally got the ceiling paint on, it was awful. BH phoned the store for advice, and even with applying it all in one direction, it left awful streaks across the ceiling. We’ve bought another brand, and are hoping it will cover, but what to do about wall? Risk it or apply something else, resigning ourselves to the loss of bucks for the first paint?
We didn’t have the heart to apply the new stuff. Then a couple of weeks went by, before we had the energy again.

Now the ceiling is truly done, two coats of the new stuff worked fine. But now we have seen areas in the walls needing repair, so those have got to be done before we can finally try to get some colour up. Maybe soon? Well, at least we got a respite this weekend.

This project started in July. We packed up fast because it was going to be done in three weeks. OK, maybe 6, but that was just me being cynical. Here it is December tomorrow. We had to buy the kids new mittens – last years collection are somewhere in behind these other boxes… Sigh.


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