Wherein I try not to apologize for not posting

My friend has finally succumbed to the pressure and has started a blog. That is, she has succumbed to the pressure of me sending awesome bits I comb from the internet (when I clearly should be doing something else), not that my actual blogging provided any kind of pressure as an example to emulate.

Some updates to get this thing a little more current:

Things chez treehouse are ridiculously good. We’re on to a completely different set of projects. After a spring wherein we looked at other places to live, we settled on plan A – taking down part of our house to build a new one on the lot. The first step of this plan was to move the basement stairs to an outside access which, through the crass incompetence of certain contractors, led to the utter destruction of our backyard. The words STINKING MUDHOLE are used, in caps, in my conversation far too often.

Little A, who will be 2 this month, says it much more cutely: “BEEEEG Messs!”

But other than that, things are actually good. BH is stressed by aforesaid contractor, and that contractor’s replacement, but seems to thrive in that state.

J is remarkably calm these days, she is, if anything, too intent on being helpful and doing things for her little sister. The storms of misery still come but they are merely showers – over pretty fast.

A is as cute as a button, and forming formidable three- and four- word sentences, like: “Mama help bib. No [J] help bib.” Her storms of fury are gone for now, replaced with the most plaintive sadness ever heard if she really wants her way.

And me, well, I have a new job, since April, with more responsibility, and great colleagues and bosses. I travelled home to see my mom when she had a health crisis last month; that week, having only one human to look after, with no need for help toileting, was practically a vacation.

And now, it is July. I am trying to get fit and lose the weight I put on last fall. At work, I’m finding it hard to concentrate again, but otherwise, I simply can’t complain.


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