The blogosphere has been much on my mind.
On July 23 we went to Blog Out Loud, which was a phenomenal. There was such a wide diversity of voices, all with distinct, valuable things to say. Most inspiring. A part of me was wondering what on earth I have to contribute to the greater discussion, but the readings convinced me: my very individuality is worthy of recording and sharing.

 Also at that evening, I had a wonderful conversation with a blogger who was forced by court order to take her blog down – by the father of her child. We got on great. She proposed a blog title: Blog Like You’ve Never Been Subpoenaed.* That single sentence relieved my other great concern – privacy.

I mean, I know just how easy it would be to identify me, for this to be found, and read, by my bosses, collaborators, neighbours, nurses, postman… Anyone could know much more about me than I knew they knew. Can I live with that and still publish?

Following Blog Out Loud I began to wonder if I could live with the idea that because of the possibility of being known, I wasn’t publishing.

I have long applied the notion that the things you regret most are those that you do not do. The foregone option, the indecision, the road not taken, have all been the most lamented.  

 I don’t want to miss this chance to record my life right now, share it with others, and participate in one of the great evolutions of communication. And besides, I want to have some credibility when I get to BlogHer in NEW YORK CITY. (Less than a year away!)

So I determined I would, in earnest, blog.

May the saints protect me.

 That was more than a month ago. I managed to busy myself with other projects. Writing erotica has its benefits: when you tell people you are writing porn, they never ask to read it. Seriously though, I promised myself I’d get something done at work before I was “allowed” to focus on this project, and I did, so I am.

 Now that I have moment, what was it that I going to say?

My good friend is doing fabulous stuff with Mothermind. Her awesomeness is almost as apparent in her writing as in having the pleasure of knowing her for years. I commend her site to you. Be warned, you may see some stolen themes herein in the near future. I am consistently impressed at her candor and creativity.

* (Copy this at your won peril – I’m not at liberty to identify her, but I bet she’d want author’s credit on this one – or first rights to use it. And clearly, she is now familiar with the legal system.)


One thought on “Inspiration

  1. May the saints protect you indeed. Heaven forfend you should offer a little perspective to your loved ones!

    We are multi-layered, complex beasts. Forget about others learning more about you than you prefer (odds are they do anyhow – text just makes it easier for them) – the beauty is that you are learning more about you than you knew you knew.


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