Plan A B C D E …. R

Well, Internets, since my last installment, things went somewhere hot in a handbasket, house-plan wise, but after a very long last night, we have a plan again.
We’re moving.
Purchases pending, but it’s looking like there are options.
That probably sounds too optimistic. Coming to grips with the fact that all our original plans are not doable was a bit of a watershed. I’m trying to hold on to the belief  that we should be proud of accomplishing a compromise.
That is not to say there haven’t been a lot of disappointments and angry, hurt feelings along the way.

And not to say that all things are rosey, but maybe,  just maybe, this is a good thing.


One thought on “Plan A B C D E …. R

  1. That’s “Plan Arggggggg”…

    Any compromise that has more concession than capitulation in it is a true victory. Be very, very proud.


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