More or less awesome

My husband, nuts as he does drive me, is worthy of note for his many fine characteristics.
He has an enviable talent for concentrated thought. He can strategize several levels ahead of where he is at the moment, holding the outcomes for numerous eventualities in his head at once – a skill learned in true brainiac style: playing chess. He is no lily-livered nerd, though. He is meticulous and capable with tools and materials, engines, motors and machines. He will stand his ground against all comers – and in fact actively pursue an arguement, and win, where right is on the line – especially if he feels the need to protect or defend one of his own.

He is painfully loyal, honest as the day is long and has an ethical streak that causes him no end of grief.

In short, a fine man.

The “but”, you ask? 
Try living with this paragon. He brooks no quarter, demands that if you need something you stand up for it, and believes there is no job worth doing half-assed.   He has problems valuing the experiential, the esthetic or otherwise non-quantitative. 

Above all, he thinks outside the box, demands more of himself than anyone else, and adores his kids. I’m grateful to have him in my life, and can’t imagine a better father for our children.

I just couldn’t let the previous post stand, unremarked. This living with other humans is difficult, but quality always is.


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