If Blessed are the Peacemakers, I’ll have company in hell

The girls are awesome, and handfuls. J is now 3 going on 13. Honestly, can any one child have more mood swings in one day? She’s smart and bossy to boot.  I caught her not just picking arguments yesterday, but orchestrating them. The conversation at the tablebetween her and her sister, A, while I was out of the room went like this:

J: Say Yummy

A: Yummy

J: Now I’ll say Yucky – Yucky. You say Yummy again.
A: Yummy

J: And I say Yucky. Yucky. – and you say…

A: Yummy

J: Right. Yucky. Now, try it the other way. You say Yucky. Say Yucky.
A: Yucky.

J: Yummy.

A: Yummy.

J: No, you say Yucky now, I say Yummy.  I say Yummy so you say Yucky. Got it?
A: Yucky.

J: OK! Yummy.
A: Yucky!
J: Good girl, that’s right. Now I say Yummy. Yummy. Now we’re ready for Momma.*

And, yes, J really does speak that way. She is annoyingly didactic. Don’t know where she gets that from (says Mrs. Bossypants herself , willfully blind to her own quirks).

On the other hand, A, at almost 2 and a half, raises her own sort of devilment. She takes advantage of the fact that J believes that rules can only be broken by her, and some are sacrosanct.

For instance, J totally took to heart the warning that we do not say “Shut up” in our house.
So A bounces up and down in her crib, and just to get a rise out of her sister,  yells: “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” 

This makes J positively wail. “A__ is saying ‘shut up’ to me” she manages, between sobs. 

A just grins when I come in, then switches to “Get up! Get up! Get up!” and grins some more. Sigh. Eventually, they will get calmed down and asleep, by which time I am only good for going to bed.

And so it goes. That was in November. They’ve been a little quiet lately. They may be plotting the overthrow of the Western world, practicing yet a more diabolical way to befuddle mama, or just saving their strength for another onslaught.

Who knows?

*I’ve tried everything to get this section to have regular spacing, but to no avail. I tried using Word and removing all formatting, then pasting it in, typing it in anew, and I’m out of ideas. Anyone have any ideas on this? I refuse to mess with it any more.

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