It’s WHAT time of year?

I have developed an incapacity for planning unrivalled by any I know. (And this is saying something. I have some serious family competition here. I used to get presents twice a year from my brother. Christmas was usually celebrated around Easter and my September birthday celebrations were subject to a similar delay. Despite that record, my family was timely in comparison to some of the friends I grew up with!)

Calendars challenge me in ways I can barely explain these days. The dates and times of appointments seem to jumble themselves on it in a way that somewhat resembles reality, that is sufficient to make me believe I’ve read the damn thing right, but is completely inaccurate.  I find myself attending  appointments at the wrong time, on the wrong date and in the wrong place – sometimes all at once.

Then, if I do become aware of an upcoming (accurate) date, such as Christmas or a birthday, I am somehow unable to count just how few days there are between then and now, so that the date sneaks up as a complete surprise. And once again, presents are not sent, cards not mailed and connections not made.

I apologize to those of you who don’t hear from me from month to month or year to year because of this. I applaud, and wonder at the sanity of, those of you who love me anyway.

And I strive, as I do every year, to do better.


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