Elusive vs. Illusive

So I have officially learned something from this blogging experience. (I mean, writing a blog, that is; I’ve learned lots from reading them!) Sure, it is a good outlet and all, but now I’ve actually added to my vocabulary by writing here. Apparently, ELUSIVE and ILLUSIVE are different words. Who knew. And in my previous post,  I really meant “Happiness – elusive or illusory?”. I apologize to the English majors, professors, editors and fanatics amongst you. But I’m keeping it as is, because “illusive” makes a kind of sense in context, too.

Most of all I am terrifically pleased because I caught the error myself. My self-editing capacity being so miniscule, this is quite an accomplishment.

I’m also stretching myself a little by telling a few people about this blog.  I just can’t bring myself to share with my mom, in case I need a safe place to vent sometime. So, cautiously, I am venturing out into unknown water. Yay me.

We’ll have to see what else this whole blogging thing teaches me.  You know, like humility.


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