Big Dog Gone

On Wednesday, Beloved Husband (BH) and I took our dog to the vet, we consulted, and then held him while he drew his last breath.


RIP  – 1999-2010

If there is a good place, he is surely in it.

We are a different sort of family now. Smaller, and bereft, but managing. It is just the myriad of tiny reminders that take me aback. I had made my peace with the whole idea of losing him, and thought I’d prepared for the obvious, but the little things are problematic:

 I brace myself getting out of the car when I arrive home because I know he is not there to greet me, but then I get floored by the question: “what am I supposed to do with half a bag of dog food?”

 When I think I hear a knock at the door, I look around to see what his ears are doing, and remember again.

 The kitchen floor needs sweeping more, I expected that – without a dog to pick up after me,  a preschooler and a toddler-  but I was at a loss for a moment over what do to do with the remnants of the kids’ yogurt.

 I find myself listening in the night, still, to check how he’s breathing, and can hear only the sounds of the house and us humans.

When I told the girls that the dog wouldn’t be here when they got home Wednesday,  A said: “I don’t want Louis Dog to die”. J said: “I want a cat.” Everyone has their own way. The girls don’t really seem to mind, they are so young.

Things are just different. Right now, I feel adrift, missing my former status. I am no longer a dog owner. It’ll take time to get to know this new me.


One thought on “Big Dog Gone

  1. Thank you for this lovely tribute. I miss him so much too – but haven’t had any words, and still don’t. I only have this intangible something in my heart. Thanks for sharing yours.


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