Ah, yes, non-winter…

Despite the risk of identifying myself, something I’m gently coming around to, I am prepared to tell you I spent the last week in Victoria, BC, at my mom’s.

It is absolutely stunning, coming from the frozen East, to touch down in a land that is green, growing and gorgeous.
I have had way too much fun. I’ve climbed a few hills, walked a few beaches, a boardwalk, some urban stuff, a breakwater, and oh god it all smells so GOOD!

I also attended a conference, and caught up, quite by accident, with my ex husband.  With whom I haven’t spoken for close to 20 years. YIPES! And now he is in essentially the same business, albeit a continent away from where I live. The community of this profession is small enough that we will doubtless run into one another again.

What I found profound was how remarkably unfamiliar he was. I spent more than a decade with him, wherein he was the person I spoke to the most, touched the most, thought of the most, ate with the most… you get the idea. Yet, despite having spent somewhere between 20 and 25 % of my life with him, when I saw him, I felt no connection.

He is a nice, kind man, who has changed not a whit. But seeing him brought home the truth to me:  it all fades. The worries, minutiae and passions of everyday are passing things.
The moment may be all we have.

So I’m grabbing it the best I can.I miss my kids and worry about what I’m not getting done, but I still take time to revel in the beauty, the weather, the season. I can’t quite call it spring, here, but it sure ain’t winter.


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