Really, you mean Outside?

The peace of the falling snow outside is overwhelmed by an overly enthusiastic ventilation system in here.  It sounds like there is a blizzard raging in my office. The artificial wind howls and whines, whistles and rumbles through the ducts above my head, driving thoughts of work far into the outer reaches of my mind.

But outside, the snow is the kind that I love to see, the kind I grew up with, wet enough to coat every tree branch. The whiteness displays the delicate intricacies of each twig and turn.  It took my breath away, this morning, when I rolled down my car window to operate the lock on the underground parking at my work. Beyond the driveway is a small wood, and the seemingly infinite mesh of branches, their outlines traced in white, stopped me for a moment. The abject beauty ripped away my sense of the weather being lately – at best – an inconvenience. The world was out there, waiting for me – in fact it is a part of me I’ve lost touch with.

I have to find ways to make that contact a bigger part of my life. I say this all the time. Perhaps writing it down may assist me to make it actually happen! I have been working hard to keep up some friendly contacts; I know that is key to my continued well being. But there’s more I have to do. I’m going to have to make an extra effort to get outdoors. I can’t wait till spring – I’ve got to get out now!


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