One step forward

There is very little I haven’t read about how to get a good sleep, but amongst the tricks, hints, suggestions and studies, nothing I ever read suggested getting separate coverings if you share a bed. Amazingly, it works like a hot damn. No more fighting or fidgeting over the blankets, just a warm soft duvet all your own.

However, it makes me a little sad. Long gone are the days when BH and I would lie entwined together (given our predilections for bedspace, it was probably the second or third time we slept together that we gave up that pretense of romance!), yet I feel like in adopting separate bedding we have given up something big. Something dramatic. The act of sliding under the same sheets and having each other, well, close at hand, not separated by piles of bedding, was important somehow. Now we merely lie on the same surface, where, with sufficient excavation, we can touch.

It doesn’t help that some time ago, I took up the expression “splitting the sheets”* to describe couples who have gone their separate ways.

So this separate bedlinen thing? It makes me uneasy. It just feels like a harbinger of something evil. And it keeps me awake nights wondering about our future. It’s a small death in our relationship, another step towards being two ancient folks merely cohabitating.
Or maybe that’s just daylight savings time, lack of exercise and spicy food?

 At any rate, despite the short term gain, I won’t be continuing this experiment when it comes time to switch out to summer bedding. I need my sleep.

(*I got this from a friend who is a fount of colourful sayings. Credit where credit is due – I sure as hell didn’t come up with it myself!)


One thought on “One step forward

  1. Yes. YES. I know. Dearest and I gave up communal bedding very soon after moving in to our communal bed. And there is something sad about it – an emotional gap introduced with the physical one. But he loves me so much more when I’m well-rested – and given my morning grumps, I can’t blame the man. Sleep is too precious. But still, yes.


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