Thought for the day

2 weeks ago, though the week brought the promise of great relief at work, turned out to be fraught with my angst about adjusting to yet more limitations. Then a friend  said: “imperfection  – that’s just a trait that runs on our side of the family” –  and further expounded: that “family” being the human race.

I struggle to remember that we are none of us perfect, and striving for perfection may in fact be detrimental. And, in the post below, further evidence that my favourite personal motto: “Shoot for the Middle”; is gaining momentum. I always shrink away from pieces with “God bits” like this, but this one is too good to pass up just because the writer adds her Christian spin:

And, this week, I had reason to reflect upon my history of very-nearly-excelling. I have some frighteningly high scores on some kinds of tests, and some very impressive performances from family members  I have to follow. And yet, those aptitudes were never born out in my own accomplishments. I always missed the mark.

I  long ago learned to accept  all that, but at this advanced age, I am beginning to realize some of its benefits. I am more empathetic, more approachable, and more authentic.  I’m no longer exhorbitantly striving, and I like where I am.

Now, to just figure out where I’d like to go next!


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