The kids are alright

A and J continue to amaze me. Sure, they have their incredibly babyish moments, and their fights, but generally they are exceptionally good-hearted and pleasant to be around.

Take today. I dropped them off at their daycare provider’s. J’s school is putting on a dance performance this afternoon. Because I’m out of work, I have the opportunity to attend. While standing around in the front hall discussing the details of how to get there, it came out that there will be parts when everyone can dance, too! Our daycare provider mentioned that she didn’t like to dance. I said, conscious of the little ears, that I loved to dance, but I wasn’t sure anyone liked to see me!

J and A rushed over, kissed and hugged me,  and announced that they LOVED to see me dance.
My own little fan club.

And, similarly, J applauds herself. The other day she took her sister and I on an exploration. She wanted to show me something, but she turned down the wrong street. We turned back, and went down the other street, and as she crested the hill, she recognized it was certainly the right street this time.
She pumped her arm in the air in celebration. WOO HOO! Yay J! she yelled, and jumped for joy.
What a gal.


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