The first ice storm of the year always offends me. Throughout the spring and summer, I  manage to put this bit of nastiness out of my mind. Then I am viciously reminded how much I hate it, and the realization annoys me anew – in no small part because I have forgotten (again)  –  because, well, this weather sucks any energy and drive I may have right out of me.

There is minuscule consolation in the fact that icicles are pretty. But that only works when the sun comes out. No such compensation today.

Bring on the cocoa and books.


4 thoughts on “Dreary

    • Seriously, you’d love it here yesterday. A few degrees above freezing, sunny, a little wind. Gorgeous. BUT don’t ever envy an ice storm.

      My daughters even think they are Icky.


      • Okay, I’ll refrain from wishing for one of those. We’ve been having coldish temps lately so we’ve been able to have fires in the fireplace. For 3 days IN A ROW.


  1. Sharing your climate, I sympathise. My experience of this first freezing rain wake-up was dredging up the salt bucket from the basement in order to sprinkle a crunchy carpeted path to my husband’s car door – and to instruct our son to take good care of Daddy outside today, since Daddy (and Daddy’s freshly-healed broken leg) was going to FREAK OUT.


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