That amazing A

I’ve been thinking up things to say about A, and intending to post a little about just her, since, oh, her birthday. In July.

A is now three and almost a half. She is catching up quick on her big sister J in all things physical. She still loves her blankey, a good cuddle, and her speech is still difficult to comprehend. But she is growing up.

Though A has always had the gift of independence – when by herself she could always amuse herself – I used to worry, a little, at how completely willing she was to accommodate J’s every whim when they played together. But now, she thoroughly holds her own. She plays just as willingly as ever, most of the time, but if she has had enough, she she has a streak of the mischief so wide it might even be called wicked. You can see she knows exactly what she is doing when she pushes J’s buttons. So much more often it is J, at 4 and a half, who ends up  calling for mommy at the injustice of it all.

In fact, A has times when the mischief extends to me, and her father, seeing just how far she can push. We are constantly trying to figure out how to keep one step ahead of her. When a kid grins on the way to time out, knowing it was totally worth it, what do you do?

Unfortunately, I seriously lose at this game. I am by nature inconsistent, and unless you stay right on top of A, she’ll eat you for breakfast. She takes everything I have sometimes, but she is also so loving and amiable by nature, you can’t stay mad long.

She rarely prowls the house late at night anymore, and I kind of miss our little chats late at night, even if they did mostly consist of GO TO BED on my part. But she is never-endingly funny, amused by the world as much as she adds fun too it. Quite a little character, that one.


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