That’s twice

I never mean to blog about the weather, but it seems to be a big factor in my life. Go figure.
The ice storm hit again last night, but fortunately for pedestrians, a layer of snow on top of it kept it from  being nearly as treacherous as last time.
Nevertheless, the roads were crazy, so the girls and I didn’t pile in the car for a trip to the museum as planned. Maybe this afternoon, we’ll see.
Instead, we went outside to play in the yard. I had a distinct advantage in hide and go seek, as I noticed the distinctive trails of two little boots in the fresh snow – and went the other way, to prolong the search each time.

Then the girls busied themselves filling a bucket with snow, which we took in to melt with warm water, followed by window washing, snack, floor cleaning, and now they are immersed in all things train, giving me a moment to post!


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