Live-blogging the light fantastic

Warning: The following new posts have been created without the aid of a keyboard and big screen.


I realized I was inundating my poor, unsuspecting friends with way too much information via text (because I can send from anywhere, I was). This basically amounted to live-blogging the quotidian, so I figured I might as well move to actually doing that, and decided to post by email.

Writing down what I’m doing serves as a reminder of both what I intend and what I accomplish, which seem quite important to me just now – no matter how deadly dull that might be to read.

Plus, I strongly suspect this will lead to even more typos, spelling and grammatical errors than usual.

You’re welcome.

But then, I found that WordPress has this lovely app! Much higher chance of posts that make sense!

Feel free to ignore me completely, but if you do want to see what’s next, get in touch. I’ll give you the new address of my ramblings. Once you find your way there,  please be patient while I try this out!

{Much as I’d love to share more with you here, I really don’t want to do so where my ex is privy to it.}

If you want to see what I’m up to these days, drop me a note at: moosilaneous<MONKEYTAIL>

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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