About (Moosilaneous)

What’s with the name?

I adopted Moosilaneous as a pseudonym in an attempt to post anonymously.  I’ve maintained it, despite giving up on anonymity. Go figure.

Who are all these people? 

Because I am without the ability to come up with good nicknames, type them out correctly, or keep them straight, I’m sticking with some one-letter pseudonyms:

  • J= First daughter, born 2006
  • A= Second daughter, born 2007
  • BH = Beloved Husband, (somewhat) happily estranged since July 2017.

Who am I?
An early ’60s-vintage full-time health-care policy analyst.  I’m  middle-aged, middle-management, separated, middle-class mother of two girls (see above), and also the youngest daughter of an aged and lonely woman who lives 3000 miles away.  To give you the idea of my life these times, in the years 2005 to 2018, I:

  •  Married, and then almost 12 years later, separated from one marvelously determined man
  • Gave birth to two beautiful, healthy baby girls
  • Worked in 9 different jobs  roughly in the same field
  • Moved three times.
  • Gained a net 60 pounds
  • Started several on-line web logs – and let this one, the only continuing one, lie fallow for far too long.
  • Mourned the loss of one well-loved old dog
  • Lost the sight in one eye for over a month
  • Travelled across the continent 12 times
  • Entirely missed my mother’s 80th birthday, but helped her recover from her first heart attack at 81, and moved her into a care home at 89.


  •  I am very susceptible to the impact of caffeine on my system, and  sugar can be challenging, too.
  • I love food. I am what the attempting-to-be kind would call a gourmand, or at least an omnivore. I try to restrict my intake of useless calories, like white bread, but really, I love a calorie in nearly any shape.
  • I also have something of a love affair with red wine. But I rarely buy a bottle, and when I do, I usually can’t remember what type it was I loved so much the last time.  I therefore depend upon the wisdom of my vinophile friends.
  • Staying still is not my preferred situation. I love to get places. Walking, riding a bike, or driving are all fine methods. There are many, many days when I consider it an accomplishment just to get onto the bus on workday, and get off at the right stop.
  • I would rather read than do most everything else. Yet, like with names of  wines, I have a tough time remembering titles and authors. By scanning my bookshelves and purchases online, I can tell you I love:  Douglas Adams, Charlaine Harris, David Foster Wallace, John Ringo, Spider Robinson, Hanne Blank, P.G. Wodehouse, G.K. Chesterton, Vikram Seth, Salman Rushdie, Michael Ondaatje, and a bunch of others.  Frankly, I’ll read just about anything.
  • I am fascinated by the written word online, too, and will read everything from design sites, fashion blogs to international development issues. I’m truly addicted to a select group of women writers’ blogs for whom I will drop almost anything in favour of their latest epistle to the interwebs.

Whatever else you need to know about Moosilaneous can probably be gleaned from the blog posts. Be forewarned, it may be more than you wanted to know. As you get to know me, you’ll discover that discretion is not my strong suit. But, believe it or not, I’m using as much discretion as I can muster to keep the bodily-function references to a minimum.